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Our Team
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Our Team

Built on a fundamental understanding of the challenges that Owners are faced with on a daily basis, we are committed to help our clients meet their business goals through the seamless construction of our projects. As committed business partners, we understand that the construction project itself is a means to an end, yet ultimately, it is the overarching business goal that is the focus of our team. We help our clients achieve this through the seamless execution of our constructionprojects.

Standard Builders’ organizational structure provides the appropriate checks and balances to support our philosophy of providing value-added client service within a framework that is flexible and adaptable to the unique requirements of each client. We identify with our clients through a deepened level of understanding because our team has experience working on the Owner’s side of the industry.

Our team has been employing “sustainable” construction practices before it becameLEED mainstream within the industry, as the firm continually puts sustainable practices in place that are in alignment with the firm’s business plan. Our “Green Team” of LEED Accredited Professionals have the capacity to assist our clients in delivering LEED certified projects by enhancing our sustainable construction processes.

Consistently recognized as a choice company to work for, Standard Builders has demonstrated common characteristics that bring out the best in our employees and leaders which helps them succeed even in a difficult economy.



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