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Standard Builders, Inc. publishes this website as a service to our clients, colleagues and others, for informational purposes only. You should not base any action - or lack of action - on any information included in our website, without first seeking appropriate professional advice. If you contact us through our website, or otherwise communicate with us via email, no relationship is created, and no confidential information should be transmitted. Communication with the Standard Builders, Inc. by e-mail over the Internet may not be secure, and you should avoid sending confidential email messages unless they are adequately encrypted.

We've offered links to other resources on the Internet; however, these links are not under our control, and we are not responsible for their content. We do our best to provide you current, accurate information; however, we cannot guarantee that this information is the most current, correct or complete. In addition, you should not take this information as a promise or indication of future results.


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