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Construction Services

Ability to Self-Perform
Only 25% of Construction Managers self perform work by using their own labor force to complete various components of a project.  With a workforce consisting of 30% laborers and 70% carpenters, we have the capacity to self-perform interior demolition as well as rough and finish carpentry trades.UMass Phasing Plan

Coordination / Management of Subcontractors
Standard Builders is well respected among the subcontractor community, largely due to our reputation for mutual respect and paying our subcontractors in a timely manner.  We value the relationships we have developed and nurtured with the subcontractor community, and as a result, realize benefits both in pricing and in the quality of workmanship on our projects.

One benchmark that is consistent throughout our projects is our ability to build consensus and productive relationships with our clients, the design team and subcontractors.  For us, ongoing communication with all project stakeholders is as critical to providing the project team with leadership as it is to understanding the overarching  goals and objectives.Approach

Quality Control
Effective quality control systems are essential when providing quality, cost effective construction services to our clients.  We are totally committed to providing Construction Management Services that comply fully with the specifications of our valued business partners. 

Cost Control
Project costs are managed by applying actual costs vs. original budgeted costs via master cost control schedule and updated regularly to provide an accurate overview of anticipated cost to complete.

Project Reporting
Reporting is provided on all of our projects, and with over 20 various clients in any given year, we can accommodate practically any individual need that may arise.  We have the flexibility to develop accurate and current budget tracking systems to provide comprehensive and custom reporting that may be required to better track cash flow. 

Safety at Standard Builders is ingrained within the fabric of our culture. With a comprehensive set of Safety Procedures in place, the number of incidents on our projects is considerably lower than both the State and National averages. As a result, Standard Builders has been consistently recognized with awards for its Safety Program.





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