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Preconstruction Services

Budget Development
Budget estimates are based on SBI’s extensive historical database, experience within each of our key market segments, knowledge of market conditions and supported by CSI-Division based computerized estimating systems.  Our estimating is further supported by subcontractors to ensure market accuracy.

DeskConstructability Review
Constructability reviews are vital to the project's success and are completed in concert with operational plans.  We understand the nuances of collaboration, communication and dedication relative to managing projects with difficult MEP components- this is a particular strength of ours and a niche within our firm.  Our staff is highly experienced and includes MEP Coordinators who are adept at bringing a higher level of technical expertise to supplement the project team.

Subcontractor Bid Preparation
We offer our clients an extensive prequalified bidders list, specifically tailored to meet the project goals and requirements that provides full bid coverage across a wide range of construction disciplines. 

Bid Leveling
During the scope review process, we analyze and recommend the most qualified subcontractors for each bid package.  Scope holes are priced and bids are leveled to assure an equivalent pricing comparison. 

Bid Preparation
We will prequalify subcontractors based on the elevated level of skill and expertise required for the scope and schedule of this project and previous experience with Standard Builders. 

Procurement Strategy
We endeavor to creatively purchase services to provide cost effective, rapid delivery of work in place.  With a vast prequalified subcontractor list, we can obtain low cost high quality construction services across all disciplines and specialties.   

Scope Reviews and Bid LevelingSBI
We review all bids received for completeness and qualifications.  At a minimum, scope highlights and project approach are discussed to assure the bid is complete.

Value Management
The value management process often adds exponential value to the project with realized tangible savings to the Owner.  For all our projects, we evaluate various value management options within the design which typically results in increased project quality and lower costs. 

Change Order Management
It is during preconstruction where we have the most influence on identifying potential change order risk which ultimately translates into tighter cost control during construction.  We perform a comprehensive review of the Owner/Architect’s issue of project supplements/clarifications for budget impacts, and early notifications for greater udget control.





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